Left (Top): Rose Powhatan standing
next to the statue of Pocahontas in
Gravesend, England. Pocahontas died
here and was buried nearby. Her grave
is believed to be located probably
under the sanctuary of St. Georges
Church when the church was rebuilt
after it was destroyed in the fire of
Below: Ms. Powhatan viewing the wall
copy next to Powhatan's Mantle at the
Ashmolean Museum. It was made by
Algonquian Indians of Virginia and
listed along with a pouch in the 1656
catalogue of the Tradescant collection.
Made of 4 dear skins and over 7,000
shells of Marginella roscida sewn on
with sinew thread in the form of a man,
his two animal totems and 34 circles
that may have represented the number
of nations within the Powhatan
Bottom: Front and back covers of the
book published by the University of
Oklahoma Press. The book has entries
written by 61 Native Americans and is
divided into  the following regional
territories :
1. Virginia, Maryland, and
2. Carolinas, Tennessee,
and Kentucky;
3. Deep South: Georgia,
Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi;
4. Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas;

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