Huracan is the Spirit of the hurricane.  
This wall sculpture is made from clay
and cherry wood. It represents the
Taíno vision of the angry wind
goddess Guabancex (Gwa-ban-seh),
"rider of the hurricane". Her twin
accomplices are GuatuaBA the
thunderous herald who announces
her arrival and Coatrisque the
ensuing deluge.  

The symbols on her hands are
derived from ceramic pots made by
Taíno women. They represent the
counterclockwise rotation of the
Northern Hemisphere's tropical  or  
hurricane whose eye is depicted as a
face.  The Taíno seemed to have
known the configuration of the
hurricane centuries before satellite
photography revealed an image of the

Below) A contemporary satellite
photograph of a Caribbean hurricane
over the Bahamas north of Cuba and
heading towards Florida and the
Eastern United States..
the Taíno Gallery
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Wall sculpture of "Guabancex, the Spirit of
the Huracan/Hurricane" by Michael Auld