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Contemporary Artists:
Amerindian Works
This page is dedicated to the sculptures, prints, paintings and installations by artists Michael Auld
Yamaye) and Rose Powhatan (Pamunkey/Tauxenent). As a husband and wife team, both artists have
worked and exhibited as a team and independently. Their works have been critically acclaimed (sometimes
more than once) by the New York Times, The Washington Post, other publications as well as in a variety of
catalogs. (
Click on both names above to see some of their individual and joint works.)
Rose Powhatan beside Pocahontas statue at Gravesend, London.

Although both artists have worked with other themes, this EDUCATIONAL page is dedicated to
Amerindian aesthetics and is in keeping with this web site's stated educational goals.
1:"Huracan/Hurricane". 2: "Four Deities"       3: "Bionel" God of Rain. One of four
                                                                          prints of Taino entities.
Anacaona: The Queen of Jaragua.
Click on her pix to see installation.
Click on the three above photographs to see details
                       ROSE POWHATAN
Four Sculptural
.- Michael Auld

Left: 1
. "Mucaro Bohuti" A
shape-shifting Owl-Shaman. This
bird represents the protective
watchman of the Taino
, who was called "He Who
Does Not Blink
". He sat in front of
the cave/womb.
2. Enlargement with explanations
of some Caribbean foods taken
around the world to feed millions of
people in ALL of the planet's
continents and islands after 1492.
3. "Itiba Cahubaba": The Fifth Earth
Mother giving cesarean birth to the
Four Fathers Of Humankind, seen in
her womb/cave. Life-sized composite
wood, ceramic, abalone shell and
4. "Anacaona": In her Bohio
(Roundhouse) seated on her
(throne). Life-sized cherry and ginkoba
wood, Amazon parrot feathers, conch
shell, cotton and beaten wisteria vines.
Above: "Storyteller". Acrylic on canvas
by Rose Powhatan (Pamunkey/Tauxenent)
cousins Lenora
and Troy
Adkins at their
annual powwow
in Charles City,
Left: Powhatan Installation at the University of Maryland
Gallery. A framed longhouse replica with the deceased, a
Totem and a layout of a Powhatan Village
Right: Installation;
Keziah Powhatan:
" with a
Dreamcatcher. Wood,
ceramic face, vines.
Bent wood, woven
cotton cord, animal
skulls, deer antler,
quohog clamshells,
wild turkey feathers
traditionally used ion
Note: Keziah was an
18th century
Tauxenent (Fairfax
County) leader of a
"band' of Indians who
twice burned down the
Fairfax County
courthouse. Her land   
   was "given" to
   Lord Fairfax by his
   cousin, the King of
   England. (All are
   Rose's relatives).
Above: "Gua-ha-yo-nah" the First Shaman in his canoe to the Islands of
Women and Gold.
(Click on both photos)
Far Left: Two photos of
Matenino The Island of Women"
a part of the "Travels of
Guahayona" a Taino epic
collected in 1500s Hispaniola by
Father Ramon Pane.
Wood, stone and vines. The
head is a cemi, s tri-pointed
          sacred Taino stone alter.
Above: "Guanin" is
the sister humming-
bird "
Island of Gold"
to which Gua-ha-
yona traveled. The
colibri's shimmering
feathers reminded
the Taino of 14k